Divisionals Wrap Up


We had the most successful divisionals meet in team recollection yesterday!  This was in no small part due to incredible amounts of time that many of you put in.  

We had two former NVSL presidents visit yesterday, and both of them raved about the organization, set up and flow of the meet.  Thank you so much!

The meet was also an incredible financial success for the team.  Lisa Rita, Sarah Boyle and their concessions plan was exemplary.  I have friends at another unnamed division who had to wait 15 minutes for t-shirts and 20 minutes for hamburgers. We had none of that.   

The steering committee planned this meet out over a number of weeks and all their hard work was born out in the success we had.  One NVSL official even stated that we should consider hosting an NVSL all Star meet.  LOL. 

There are a few more Divisional T-shirt available.  Mostly in adult M, L and XL.  They will be sold for $15 tonight.  See Dawn Jarvis 

You may sign up for family relays until noon today, I think we have 27 ready to go right now  Sign Up Link

1st place swims yesterday

11-12 Backstroke - Spencer Leveto

8U Breaststroke - Savanna Yaussy

11-12 Breaststroke - Nolan Culligan

11-12 Butterfly - Theo Pozo

11-12 IM - Nolan Culligan

Hiddenbrook's 2023 All Stars

Colin Boyle 8U Fly - Seeded 10

Theo Pozo 11/12 Fly - Seeded 3, 11/12 Free - Seeded 7

Nolan Culligan 11/12 IM Seeded 5, 11/12 Breast - Seeded 12

Daniel King 13/14 Free - Seeded 14

Nathan Jarvis 11/12 Back - Seeded 17

Savanna Yaussy 8U Breast - Seeded 8

Josie Pozo 8U Breast - 2nd Alternate

Quote of the meet - From the Vienna Woods team rep on the team rep group thread "oh no, oh no no no!"

They left all their awards in the HB lifeguard office, drove home to Vienna and were going to have to drive back to HB to pick them up because they had their banquet last night. 

See you all tonight,


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