Family Relays

For the most anticipated email of the year

A chance to have your name etched into immortality!

The opening event of the banquet will be the 3rd annual family relays.  Winner gets to have their named added to the plaque, a photo taken, and bragging rights for the year. 

The current winners are the Leveto Family

Now there is a slight change in the rules this year so read carefully before you anger the swim gods.  ....and for the record, this was not my doing, so don't @ me with your annoyance.

1) Any group of 4 people can make a relay, any relay submitted will absolutely be allowed to swim

If you want to be eligible for the record board, you must adhere to these rules

2) The relay is swum in order of age. The youngest child leads off, the oldest adult is the anchor. 

3) This is a freestyle relay, we applaud those of you that want to swim medleys, but we are not there yet.

4) The relay must be a multi-generational, a minimum of one parent/grandparent/guardian unit must be in a relay (you may not combine 4 siblings into a relay, that violates the multigenerational clause)

5) What counts as a family unit: People who live in the same house as you, and / or are biologically related to you.

6) What if my family has 5 or more members. The swim team does not intervene in family politics. How each family culls one member is none of our business. 

7) What if my family has only 3 members? You may pick up a free agent. (all relays must be approved by the rules committee, The steering committee rules with an iron fist, so no funny business!) 

8) What if my family has only 2 eligible members?

Example: Mom says she can’t swim and I am an only child, and it's just my Dad and me. Can I pick up two free agents…..yes. But if it is determined that there are eligible members of your house available to swim and the are just being weak sauce, your relay may be found ineligible.

9) You may not discard members of your family into other relays to try and pick up ringers that may be better than your own family members

10) My family has 8 members, may we have two relays. Yes!

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