Divisionals Timeline

Little Hunting Park (LHP) looks forward to hosting Division 5 Individual Championships on Saturday. Please find pool layout attached. Also, please read the attached timeline and subtract 15 minutes for your report time. It has the report times for each stroke.

RUNDOWN:  LHP is a 6 lane L shaped pool.  It is one of the original members of the NVSL and has a huge piece of property that it sits on.  There is a lot of room to spread out on. The weather is going to be oppressive, please bring sunscreen and extra water.

LOCATION: LHP is located at 7000 Canterbury Lane, Alexandria, VA 22307 

It is very close to West Potomac High School, it will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to drive there, depending on the time of day

PARKING: Bucknell Elementary School is right next door, LHP feels that they should have enough parking to accommodate everyone there.  If not, you may park on the street, please be mindful of driveways fire hydrants and mailboxes.                      Please avoid parking on Coventry Rd., the narrow road leading south from the club entrance. 

TEAM AREA: will have early natural shade, but will eventually get very sunny. HB will bring our canopies HB is team area 1

CONCESSIONS: The Gator Grill will be open, offering refreshments. Credit card payment ONLY. 

SPECTATORS: The spectator seating area will have little or no shade. Spectators may bring shade tents for their comfort. 

DIVISIONALS TEE SHIRTS Commemorative Divisional Tees will be available for $20. Cash accepted. Other payment methods TBD...

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